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"What is Your Favorite Part of Real Estate?"

I had someone ask me today what I felt was my favorite part of being a real estate broker. I hadn't really thought about it much lately, but the question provided me with some food for thought, and when I think, I often write.

My very favorite part is too easy - getting paid. (Thanks, Captain Obvious.) However, my real answer probably won't surprise those of you who are in the business.

I most enjoy seeing that moment when someone decides on their dream home, regardless of the price range. I've seen that twinkle in my clients' eyes hundreds of times, but I never get tired of it. It could be a Lake Austin waterfront estate, or a downtown condo, or a simple two-bedroom home in a modest neighborhood. No matter what, I get a little rush of adrenaline every single time.

It shows me that I'm doing my job correctly, and that I helped someone to find the perfect place for THEM. 

It means I listened.

Also, and this only came to me just now, as I was typing, this feeling of business competence ("I'm actually doing this") is probably rooted in my own childhood, when I just sort of knew I wanted to have my own business. Back then, I actually wanted to be one of two things: a comedian, or a pediatrician. I still love to make people laugh, but my only medical experience is helping my own kids with Band-Aids and kissing boo boos, and I'm really completely happy with that. I love my life.

Not to dwell on the past too much, but I still remember when I was a kid, I used my own collection of books as a small library, and I checked them out to my friends, complete with the little sleeve things in the inside front cover. There are few things I enjoy more than books, and I started reading when I was two years old. Ask my mom - she would be happy to verify this. 

"Jason, this is the one. Let's make an offer." Music to my ears. And, on a deeper level, it gives me a sense of satisfaction, not just because I will make money, but because I'm helping someone to decide on their home, and it's hard to think of a more personal purchase and decision than that. I am thankful every day that I get to wake up and do this. 

Thanks for reading!


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