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Evaluating My Business Goals for 2014 and Beyond

I am blessed to be working in one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the country, and I have what I consider to be a wealth of experience in residential sales (almost 17 years now), training agents (10 years or so), and management in general (21 years). We take good care of our clients.

We're doing well right now, but I think I fall into the trap of comparing myself with the top earners in our market and our industry, and, simply put, I want to be among them. This could be some flaw in my own character stemming from my childhood that causes me to seek the attention, or perhaps it's just healthy competitive instinct. Either way, I know we can do better.

My goal for 2014 and beyond: 

Do a better job of staying in touch with my past clients and my sphere of influence.

I have a broad and varied database of friends and contacts, and with the exception of social media tools, I haven't really done a good job of systematizing my follow-up over the years. I get a LOT of referrals from my clients and friends (probably 80% or more of my business), but I still have lulls with slower months on occasion. A methodical approach to staying in touch would likely help me to achieve my sales goals more readily.

Here are a couple of my plans to make this happen, starting by the end of this year:

  • Update our entire list of clients and friends.
  • Hire a part-time assistant to help with database management, some minor social media assistance (Pinterest and FB business page), website content, event planning, and probably some direct mail as well. I will continue to do my own blogging.  :)
  • Bite the bullet and pay for a better CRM/IDX solution for my site. 

At this point, I've already chosen an assistant with good experience and started the first step, although there is more work to to. I have a CRM in mind, but it's not yet implemented and we haven't made a final decision on this. I think I've probably been spoiled by not having to spend much money on marketing over the years, but I'm relatively sure that the expenses I'm considering will pay off many times over as we move forward.

Delegating much of the marketing stuff to someone else will accomplish two things for my business:

1. It will ensure that it actually gets done, and in a consistent manner. Neither my business partner nor I enjoy the minutiae of marketing. We like direct client contact and thrive in this environment.

2. It will free me up to concentrate on sales and management tasks. Our company is growing pretty dramatically in 2013/2014 (probably doubling to 30 agents by the spring). I want to have more "hooks in the water" this next year, and I'm very excited about our team of agents.

With regard to accountability, I will allow anyone reading this post to check up with me to see if I'm staying on track. I promise I'll be honest. Feel free to bug me anytime. Call, email, text, comment here on my blog, message me on Facebook, you name it. You have my permission to pester me. I probably need this. I am motivated, but I'm also easily distracted sometimes.

I have other goals this year, many of which relate to being more organized in general, and some of which are more personal in nature, relating to my family, health, faith,etc. but I won't bore you with all of them here.  

Thanks for reading!


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