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Want to be my best friend for a day and help my daughter, too, all from the comfort of your home/office?

Last year, I blogged about this topic with solid results.  I hope to do so again.  If so, I can help out a good cause and my daughter at the same time.  

If you live in the general Austin area, let me know if you would like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies.  My 9-year-old daughter Aleah is selling them for the second time, and she wants to sell enough cookies this time around to win a tent.

If you buy at least three boxes ($10.50 or more, as they are $3.50 per box), and you live/work in the Austin metro area, my daughter and I will deliver them to you at your home or office (your choice).  

As a longtime salesperson, I am of the opinion that this could help Aleah to hone her burgeoning sales skills.  If you're nice, we might even hang out awhile.  :)  If you live outside of Austin, keep reading below.  

By the way, I already know what you're asking yourself.  YES!  They are still just as delicious as you remember them.  In fact, you might be doing my waistline a service by getting them out of my house.  They are really, really good, and I don't want to gain back any of the 56 pounds I lost this past year.  

if you want to support our cookie sales efforts, but you are:

  • worried about your diet
  • too far away, OR
  • a crazy person who doesn't like the taste of the cookies

I have another idea for you.

It's called "Operation Cookie Drop". Basically, you donate $3.50 for each box of cookies, and they will be delivered to our troops overseas.

Cool, huh?

I have already bought and consumed cookies myself, but I think I may just go ahead and donate some extra money for this very special cause.

Here are a handful of benefits:

  • You can keep your girlish (or boyish) figure intact
  • You are directly helping our troops
  • You are benefitting the Girl Scouts
  • I will like you even more than I already do

Perhaps best of all, the donation is tax deductible!

In an effort to make it easier, you can pay via PayPal (any amount in $3.50 increments) by sending the money to our account at We will then write a check for the total and provide a receipt for your tax records if you like.

If you would like to pay by check (minimum donation of $14), you can make it out to "GSCTX" or "Girl Scouts of Central Texas" and mail it to my office at 3636 Executive Center Drive, #210, Austin, TX 78731. 

The sale will be going on for awhile.  They've even added some new cookies to the old favorites.  Meet the cookies here (but buy them from us if you are in/near Austin):


Help me demonstrate the power of social media and blogging.  :)  They also make great gifts. 

Feel free to re-blog or spread the word in any way you prefer.  




If you're looking for a home in the Austin area, you can also visit my primary website at  Thanks!

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