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This is Texas weather, right?

I have to admit that the fall came on a bit quicker than usual this year.  In fact, we sometimes seem to skip fall altogether in this area.  I have lived in Texas my entire life (born and raised in Dallas, lived in Austin for 20+ years now), and I've seen years that transition from late summer to winter with nothing in between. 

For those of you who prefer using the word "autumn" instead of "fall", I applaud this, because it shows a romantic/poetic side.  In fact, maybe I should start trying to implement this into my everyday speech.  I bet I could get some of my friends to start saying it if I make a concerted effort.

Although it's late October, I am still surprised to see nighttime temperatures in the 40's.  Yes, the FORTIES!  This is Texas! 

I was on Twitter for an hour or so last night, and I saw something that I have never in my life seen before: one of my friends was complaining about Austin being too cold!

I have worked with clients from all over the country, and we've lost potential home buyers to other, cooler parts of the world in the past, but I haven't heard anyone discussing the fact that this area was too cold for them before now.  It made me wonder where she was from, but I didn't get a response to this question.  Perhaps the Mojave Desert? 

My wife made a funny comment about our cool weather last night, "Clearly, global warming is making things colder."  (Please refrain from commenting on the hidden politics of this off-the-cuff humorous statement.  I don't like debating my friends.)

I once wrote a post about the perceived negatives of purchasing in Austin, Texas:

"High Property Taxes, Heat, and Tornadoes, TOO? Why would I want to move to Austin, Texas?"

It was a hot summer, but I like when we get a real fall/autumn - every day seems like a day that I would like to play golf.  Even though I rarely play, it just sounds appealing when it's 72 and breezy. 


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This is Texas weather, right?
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