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It's that time of year again! Time for my annual speeding ticket!

I got a ticket a couple of months ago (I think in November).  Thankfully, it had been just over a year since my last infraction.  This time, it happened in a school zone (darn).  Admittedly, I was distracted, because I was running late taking my daughter to her art lesson.  As a further pathetic excuse, the school zone is oddly situated, since I entered it on one street, then it just sort of continues on another street after I turned, even though there are no blinking lights on the second street.  But that's neither here nor there - I messed up.

I wrote a funny post about how it took away AR time from me last year.  At least, I thought it was funny:

My Driving Habits Have Taken Away Valuable Blogging Time  

According to this particular course (which I really should have memorized by now), I read far too quickly!  At the end of each lesson, I am forced to sit for awhile before proceeding (which is why I am multitasking - I am doing the course while I write this post and hanging out on Twitter and Facebook). 

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Don't speed if you value your time here on ActiveRain, or at all, for that matter, since the material is simply stultifyingly boring.  If you don't already know the meaning of "stultifying", it basically means that it makes you dumber.  Look it up if you don't believe me.

I wish I could figure out why they don't ever seem to have the funds to update the course with new, fresh, hip video content.  Most of the photos and videos appear to be from about 1983 or thereabouts.  It's easy to tell from the parachute pants.  Kidding.  I guess they don't need to make it appealing, since it's not a movie that is optional to see.  ("Compelling....and mandatory.  Two thumbs up!")

Here's a quick quote from the course to give you an idea of what I am dealing with:

Intersections are the places where roads come together or cross one another. An intersection is technically the point at which curbs or edges of two or more roadways intersect or cross each other.

It is dangerous to pass another vehicle at an intersection and illegal in most instances. Such places include crossroads, railroad crossings, and shopping center entrances. Approaching the intersection, your view of the traffic is restricted by the vehicles you are passing -- and drivers entering the roadway will not anticipate oncoming traffic in the left lane. They may not even look your way.

Consider yourself blessed if you don't have to go through this anytime soon.


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It's that time of year again! Time for my annual speeding ticket!
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