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Join Us Today if You Can - Our Guest is Jason Baer of ""

If you have some time, join us today on Social Media Edge Radio as we welcome Jason Baer (@jaybaer).  Since October 2008, Jason has bridged blogging and Twitter via the Twitter 20 Interview Series, a thought-provoking interview series on Twitter with luminaries in social media and digital marketing, recaptured on his blog. In essence, he asks twenty 140-character questions and they are answered in real-time.  Jason should be a fun guest.  His Twitter profile includes this tidbit - "I live in a forest".  Needless to say, I will be asking about this.  :)

We also have a handful of interesting social media stories to share today, including one about a guy who may just end up naming his son Batman.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  We have some news about social media restrictions from the world of goverment and sports, and we might even give away a Social Media Edge shirt, hat, or mug!

Mike Mueller (@mikemueller) will be sharing some tech tips on what to do if Firefox isn't working.  TS Elliott will also be on hand to discuss the shift that she has observed to Friendfeed from Twitter, and the fact that more businesses are connecting on Facebook.

Here's the link to the show, which starts at noon Eastern (11am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific):

If you can't make it, you can always catch the archives, and access any of our previous shows (thanks to Mike Mueller) by visiting our Facebook page at and clicking on the "Archive" tab.  If you need/want a custom Facebook page, Mike is the guy to design this for you!



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Join Us Today if You Can - Our Guest is Jason Baer of "Twitter20…
If you have some time, join us today on Social Media Edge Radio as we welcome Jason Baer (@jaybaer) Since October 2008, Jason has bridged blogging and Twitter via the Twitter 20 Interview Series a thought-provoking interview series on Twitter… more
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