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Great Week for My New Venture: 210 Consulting

I recently started a consulting business with my friend Jeremy Blanton to serve as a resource for those who want to learn more about using social media tools, and how to use them to bring in more tangible business.  So far, we've had a couple of webinars and we are planning for two more soon.  Attendance was solid at the initial sessions, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with a handful of attendees signing up for further individual coaching.  

Thankfully for our students, my own learning curve with our new software hasn't been very steep, which has made things very smooth and easy.  :)  We're also in the process of setting up a brand-new website and blog for the company, both pieces of which have been provided free of charge to us from friends of ours.  What a huge blessing!  I hope that our new platform will provide a great place to collect and share information.


Our first webinar, "How to Chug Google Juice AND Get 15 Years of Fame", will be repeated on February 8th at 1pm Eastern:  You can see a full description of this class here.


Our next webinar is entitled, "Cashing in on Your Social Media Investment", and we'll be teaching that one on Monday, February 15th at 1pm Eastern time (running time is about two hours total).  Essentially, we will cover how to build your social media strategy to increase your business.  As we all know, many people try social media networks but get sucked into the social end and forget the original reason that they joined.



We will be covering the following topics in a fun, laidback atmosphere:


  • How to effectively listen to consumers 
  • How to add valuable content to engage with those around you 
  • Tips and specific tools that we've used 
  • Some basic "etiquette" for Twitter, Facebook, and blogging
  • Techniques for promoting a cause or event
Here's a link to register for this session if you're interested:  

Our individual and group coaching services are provided at an hourly charge, with no contracts or minimum commitment.  Feel free to call or email me for more details about this.  One or both of us have served as paid coaches for:
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Real estate
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

Here are some testimonials and comments from current clients and some past students.  I have some way longer ones that I am happy to share via email if you like.

REALLY enjoyed my coaching session today and am looking forward to working with you both!  Already made suggested changes on AR!    - Lori Cain


I picked up some valuable lessons from your class. I have tried a few other Blog platforms including Blogger, Live Journal, Typepad and Wordpress. Wordpress seems to be ideal for what my needs are. Still learning it.  Thank you for the class. I look forward to future sessions.  - Dawn O.


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Thanks for reading!



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