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How to Get Over 100 Comments on Your Blog Posts - The Sequel

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post called "How to Get Over 100 Comments on Your Blog Posts - A Retrospective".  It was featured, and it received a lot of attention, then it was hijacked by my friends, and it ended up getting over 3,000 comments.  At some point, it wouldn't load anymore, which is why I didn't include the link.  Since I don't have access to that one, it's not a great teaching tool when I'm working with newbie bloggers.  With that in mind, I decided to write another one, in an effort to illustrate which of my posts have received the most attention within this community. 

(In case you were wondering, yes, that's the typewriter I use to compose each and every post, while seated in a patch of clover.)

To date, I have 73 posts that have topped the 100 mark on comments, including the one I mentioned above.

I am thankful to each of my 1,935 subscribers, and to the AR staff for paying more than my fair share of attention to what I write, and perhaps most of all, I am happy to have received just over 44,000 comments on this blog since I started back in August 2007.

So, without further ado, what types of posts bring the most comments?  Here are the categories which seem to garner the most remarks, at least for me:



Worst photo contest

What DOES the graphic say?

Some Suggestions for New Abbreviations - Do you LOL often?

Am I on Candid Camera? Punk'd Perhaps?

Who's at the door? Oh, it's a gift of some sort!

Here's to you, Mr. Client Who Doesn't Have a Clue

Some People Just Have a Knack for Making Lemons out of Lemonade (not a typo)

Sorry to seem a little bit uptight - My grammar rant



View from the broker's desk - what makes a good agent?

A Watched Pot Never Boils - My Perspective on the National Market

Get Your Hand Out of my Pocket! - Handling Commission Beggars

So, You're Going on a Listing Appointment? How to Win Almost Every Time

How to Properly Leave a Brokerage - Am I wrong to expect a call?

Networking 101 - How to be the Most Popular Person in the Room

Are YOU the Eddie Haskell of Real Estate?

I showed a cathouse today! No, it's not what you're thinking (or maybe it is)

How many other professionals work on contingency ALL THE TIME? A sincere look at the real estate business model

My Plan to Change the Real Estate Industry Forever! (Sounds Humble, Right?)

"Bring All Offers" and "Price Firm" are NOT Synonymous! Lessons from the trenches

Do you want an agent in a suit and/or tie? If so, I am probably not the one to call

"I Hate to Be the Bearer of Bad News, But...." - Delivering the Truth to Our Seller Clients

Finessing the Online Home Buyer - My View from 12+ Years of Internet Lead Conversion

Do you really think of every other agent in your area as a competitor? Overcoming a scarcity mentality

Using Your Email's CC and BCC Features for Fun and Profit (Okay, Maybe Just Profit?)


POSTS ABOUT ACTIVERAIN (including tutorials and milestones)

What Active Rain Can Do For All of Us

3 Months on Active Rain So Far - An Evaluation of My Time Here

READ THIS & You Will Continue Blogging - Active Rain works!

What's all that stuff at the bottom of the post? - An Active Rain Tutorial .

FOUR referrals from My Active Rain Friends? I guess I must be doing something right!

How to generate and track backlinks for your Active Rain profile - A few basic SEO tips

How to Insert YouTube Videos into your ActiveRain Posts - Attention Newbies!

How to Insert and Align Photos in Your ActiveRain Posts - Not Just for Newbies!

How to Use Your ActiveRain "Statistics" Page - Viewing Your Subscriber List and Blog Entry Stats

I Hit 200,000 Points Today - Time to Party!

How I got over $1 million worth of referral business from ActiveRain this week!

My First ActiveRain Gathering (with photos)! Putting Some Faces with the Voices and Names

My Perspective on the Great ActiveRain Content Debate of 2008

An Open Letter to the AR Newbie Who Sent Me a Deceptive SPAM Email Message

ActiveRain 101 - A Wealth of Tips for Newbies and Veterans Alike

How to Feed Your ActiveRain Blog Directly to Facebook and Twitter - Get More Exposure for the Same Effort!

When Bob Stewart Calls, People Listen

Google Views ActiveRain as Even More Valuable Now - My SEO Perspective

New ActiveRain Feature on my Sidebar and Profile!

This Post Entitles Bearer to Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Points!

How To Get Some Easy Bonus Points on ActiveRain - Local Video Contest Announcement

I Had a Big Week for ActiveRain Results!

This is My 1000th Post on ActiveRain (One Thousand!)

"Building Your Online Following" - First Class I'm Teaching for ActiveRain University

Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone) - My "Relationship" with ActiveRain



How I Managed to Receive Leads from ActiveRain, Twitter and Facebook!

Are YOU a part of the revolution? If not, be prepared to be left behind by those who are.

Blogging is a Long-Term Strategy with the Potential for Short-Term Results

ActiveRain Implements New Draft "Auto-Save" Feature - THANK YOU!!!

How I Managed to Recruit Agents from ActiveRain, Twitter, AND Facebook!

Should I Really Care About What You Think? Learning to be more transparent



The Secret Ingredient is Empathy - Lessons from the Grocery Store

You Just Got BLOGGED!

A Taste of the Future of Marketing (No Crystal Ball Needed)

Eavesdropping on Your Clients (and Potential Clients) - A Couple of Tools to Help


1988 - Memories and Music

David Wilder (1958-2008) - See You Again Someday, My Friend

Suicide and Depression - Something we really DO need to talk about

Who Wants to Come to Austin for my Birthday? Potential AR Gathering

MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My wife and I are expecting our fourth child!!

Please Pray for My Friend (and Fellow ActiveRainer) Liz Carter

Please Welcome Crouch Baby #4 - Genevieve Elise Crouch!

Why Life is Worth Living - My Compassion for the Bullied and Depressed (VERY long and VERY personal post)



Reclaiming my "rookie" enthusiasm...

Do you ever feel like the Gilligan of real estate?

How My ActiveRain Efforts Have Brought Additional Exposure!



A Layman's View of the Proposed Health Care Bill (HR 3200) - I am reading through the whole thing....slowly

Is Congress Working to Create Yet Another Potential Hurdle to Real Estate Recovery?


This last group of posts got tantalizingly close to reaching the three-figure mark, but fell a little short.  :)


How much disloyalty will you accept as an agent? My relocation buyer experience - 91

I Toured the New Localism Today! Here are my initial impressions - 94

Sign of the Times? A new experience for this real estate veteran - 90

ActiveRain Gathering in Austin Yesterday - The 20th Anniversary of my 18th Birthday Party! - 92

I am writing TWO offers today! (Pssst! One of them even came from Localism) - 92

Is it a boy or a girl? Our big news - FIND OUT RIGHT HERE! (Photos, too) - 95

Just a Few Suggestions that Might Help - Real Estate Sales Tips - 94

"Sounds Like a Good Problem to Have" - Results from ActiveRain - 93

Are ActiveRain Points Fun? Absolutely! Are They Critical? Not Really - 97

How Soon Is Too Soon? Handling Inquiries From "Early Bird Buyers" - 95

Please help me find a new next-door neighbor (or move in yourself!) - Special offer for both agents AND consumers - 92

Extra Transaction Fees for Clients - An Open Forum for Discussion - 95

The Deal Closed In Spite of You, Not Because of You - 91


So there you have it.  I hope this list or the categories are helpful to you.  If you're new to ActiveRain, or if you have any questions that I can answer, feel free to call or email anytime.  I can be reached at 512-796-7653 (cell) or via email at

Thanks for reading!



If you're looking for a home in the Austin area, you can also visit my primary website at  Thanks!

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