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Are YOU a part of the revolution? If not, be prepared to be left behind by those who are.

I realized recently that we are now in the midst of a revolution and a dramatic paradigm shift in the way that marketing is conducted.  This may seem like a strong term for those who don't "get it" yet, but believe me when I say that it is nothing short of phenomenal. 

In early 1998, about a year after I got my real estate license, my business partner and I decided to launch our own real estate website (  Despite the fact that we got a lot of funny looks and reactions from other agents in our office, we felt that this was something that we could actually afford to do that might also bring real results.  We were among a very small handful of agents back then who had websites.

Since there was no IDX system, we crafted one out of the listings from the MLS to the best of our abilities.  It was earth-shattering stuff.  I am kidding, of course, but over the years, we have managed to garner the majority of our new clients and tens of millions of dollars in real estate sales from our websites.

Does any of that pattern sound familiar to you?

If not, you may need to give the following some thought:

Today, ten years later, I have immersed myself pretty heavily in the world of online social media sites, including ActiveRain, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others in order to gain a foothold before everyone and their dog does.  Why? It's simple really.  I see the boom in online social networking as something that has the potential to utterly and irreversibly change the landscape of real estate marketing in the years to come. 

Five years from now (and more), those who choose not to "grab the brass ring" and embrace blogging and social media marketing are likely to be left behind.  Presently, I don't know the percentage of agents who are blogging actively, but my guess is that it is under 5% based on my own research.  Either way, Pareto's Principle (better known to us all as "the 80/20 rule") wouldn't even apply in this case, since the numbers are clearly even further skewed at present. 

I finished reading Seth Godin's book "Tribes" this week (highly recommend grabbing a copy - I am going to give mine away to someone who will act on it).  One thing I grasped while reading this book is that a big hurdle for most people who want to achieve something is fear of failure.  I think the stigma attached to not succeding at something keeps many folks on the sidelines.  To be frank, I felt that way myself when I started blogging.  I saw huge point totals and some great posts, and I was a bit intimidated.  However, I slowly began to gain some momentum and readership (and confidence in my abilities), and now I have my own "tribe", to use Seth's term.

Almost daily, I get multiple emails and/or phone calls from other AR members with specific site questions, or from other agents in Austin who are thinking of starting their own blog.  In fact, I have someone in another state who may soon become my first official paying student in blogging and online marketing.  I didn't advertise my services - this just sort of came to me.  However, it does make me think about the opportunity which presents itself now, and the likelihood of helping other people, too. 

The proliferation of sites and technology in recent years is astounding, and it's likely to continue for awhile.  As such, it has also created a niche for those who are in the know.  Why not use the knowledge gained to help others?

If you happen across this post as a new member of ActiveRain, or if you find it via a search on Google or another search engine, and you are not currently involved in social media marketing, or if you're not quite sure what that term means, NOW is the time to learn. 

As a quick illustration (on an even larger scale), I heard an escrow officer tell us a story at a closing years ago about helping Michael Dell when he purchased his very first home.  He was so young that his mother was with him when he went to sign papers.  While the closer was explaining things, Dell started talking excitedly about the new company that he was starting.  "Would you like to invest in it?", he asked.  "No, I don't think so.  I don't have a lot of money right now.  Thanks anyway." was her reply.

Let that story sink in for just a minute.

Aside from the fact that I would probably be too embarrassed to tell that story publicly if it had happened to me, there is a strong lesson.  Really big rewards require some measure of risk!  Whether you are risking time or money, it is risk nonetheless.

Before he died three years ago, my dad shared a couple of stories with me about my grandfather's reluctance to invest in land on Lake Austin back in the 1950's for $1,000/acre, and about the fact that he passed up a chance to invest in Holiday Inn BEFORE it went public.  Needless to say, those were both some amazing opportunities.  The land that he could have purchased for $10,000 would likely be worth in excess of $3 million today. 

I don't say this to disparage my grandfather's memory in any way, since he was an amazing provider and left a sizeable estate when he passed away in 1973.  Instead, I just want to point out that there are opportunities around you, too, if you are observant and willing to take a chance.  The good news is that almost all of the new stuff worth doing online is FREE!

After all, you don't want to be the one to tell your kids that you didn't think blogging would work, do you?


By the way, I was inspired to write this post after commenting on this post from Chris Elizabeth Griffith's entertaining post earlier tonight - read it, too!:  Not Social Networking 2.0

Thanks for reading!

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Comment balloon 153 commentsJason Crouch • November 13 2008 03:51PM


I knew a long time ago that jumping right into blogging would be a risk.... in the fear factor category. Failure was not an option fact, as i watched myself grow I have watched others like you grow too. We have grasped the concept not just of being recognized here...but online with the public.  Yup.....I'm part of it. ...right along with you :)

Posted by Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman, (RA) AHWD CRS ePRO OAHU HAWAII REAL ESTATE (Liberty Homes) almost 11 years ago

I am hearing this message over and reminds me of a quote I have been hearing over the last few years:

"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. ..."

It is more true every day, and those returning from NAR this week are telling stories that illustrate this!

Posted by Pat Tasker, Your Milwaukee Metro Area Agent (WI) (Shorewest Realtors) almost 11 years ago

I'm still relatively new to AR & blogging but I feel committed to learning more and become active on other social networks as well. 

Posted by Nakia Evans, Baltimore MD, Flat Fee MLS Services & HUD Homes (Urban Living Realty LLC) almost 11 years ago

I have been a Buyers Agent for 30 years, and recently have started listing homes. I have not been involved in social networking, but I have started to that the time is NOW to jump in! The Obama campaign has made me aware of just how important this thing is for EVERYTHING! So I am going to take your advice, and COPY YOU!!!! I hope that you don't mind - I'm not in your market!

Posted by Greg Knapp, - Experience Counts! (Artistic Real Estate Group) almost 11 years ago

Jason, you are 100% right on! At NAR we met someone who told us how Craigslist had absolutely destroyed newspaper classified advertising and I can see how social networking, starting with blogging and evolving with twitter, facebook along with online platforms such as trulia and zillow are going to be what revolutionizes our business. Traditional brokers are going to have to reinvent themselves or they will go the way of newspaper ads, and traditional agents as well.

Posted by Sharon Alters, Realtor - Homes for Sale Fleming Island FL (Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty - 904-673-2308) almost 11 years ago

Hello Jason, I am still trying to get my blog tied in, have printed your advice, and for some reason they are not working?  Could be Vista, but most likely me..............we I get a chance will contact you to get fully up and running.............Thanks for all of you great post.

Posted by Julie Staradumsky, CREN (Keller Williams Realty - Atlantic Shore) almost 11 years ago

ah, I know someone "who will act on it" (re:the book)

And yes, I agree with your assessment of the future of our industry. Without a doubt, there is a clear shift in the industry.

Posted by Nick Bastian, Real Estate Agent - Tempe (Realty Executives) almost 11 years ago


This is just the blog I need to help convince the naysayers!  What timiming.  I really thank you for writing it.

Posted by Trey Thurmond, College Station , Texas Homes (BCR Realtors) almost 11 years ago

Jason, Congrats to you on your tribe which I consider myself to be a loyal  member.  Thanks!

Posted by Judy Greenberg, Coldwell Banker - Buffalo Grove - Long Grove Homes (Coldwell Banker Long Grove) almost 11 years ago

Jason this is a very well written post.  I definitely am flagging this one!  I love sharing results from my social networks to the skeptics!

Posted by Jeremy Blanton, Myrtle Beach REALTOR®- (Myrtle Beach Homes Blog) almost 11 years ago

Jason, great observations. I really can't believe the 80.20 or as some have mentioned the 95/5.  Are we really that far ahead of the curve?  I thought everyone was on the social networking scene and I'm old.  (But not for my age!)  Well, let them all sit on the sidelines...and read the classifieds! 


Posted by Suzanne McLaughlin, Sabinske & Associates, Realtor (Sabinske & Associates, Inc. (Albertville, St. Michael)) almost 11 years ago

Jason - There are many tools available for anyone who is willing to pick them up and learn how to use them.  Almost by definition, first-movers will spend a lot of extra time learning the best methodologies.  However, they will also reap the greatest rewards. 

Posted by Erik Hitzelberger, Louisville - Middletown Real Estate (RE/MAX Alliance - Louisville REALTOR-Luxury Homes) almost 11 years ago

this is the time, when we all have too much of it (unfortunatly) to catch up to the social revolution of real estate networking, branding, marketing on-line

Posted by James Wexler ( almost 11 years ago

Jason, you are right about opportunities everywhere if not right under your nose. You have to keep an open mind. I have that Tribes book right on my desk. Now I just have to open it. So much to do, where do I find the time?

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) almost 11 years ago

Hey Jason,

Great article, I am glad that the rest of the pack hasn't pick up on social marketing.  This business is so competitive that you need any edge you can get.  I would have to agree with you this is the future and AR is pointing the way.  I see a lot of our fellow AR friends in cyberspace thanks to articles like yours and others that share a wealth of information.


Posted by Steven Nickens, R(S)GRI ABR, Maui Real Estate Hawaii (Elite Pacific Properties Maui) almost 11 years ago

Hello Jason, I will need your revelation...........trying to follow your lead, a computer working and learning adult, and still trying...........I am hanging in there and most likely will buzz you to help me through.

Posted by Julie Staradumsky, CREN (Keller Williams Realty - Atlantic Shore) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason... When I am talking to other agents about blogging, AR and social media, I always tell them (among other things) that Blogging is one of the few things in this world that genuinely is LOW RISK and HIGH REWARD.  Somewhere in time it seems to have become an accepted fact that for something to be high reward, there needs to be a high level of risk associated with it.  With blogging, the only real risk is writing embarrassing things about yourself, violating copyright laws or slandering someone... and since the writer is in control, that can't happen unless the blogger allows it to!  Great post!

Posted by Steve Shatsky almost 11 years ago

Jason, I agree with was you are saying. There will be a rate of 50% or more turn over on agents because there lack of ability to blog in 5 years from today. the new generation of agents will be very well experienced bloggers, and one does not believe me ask any kid or teenager; what is blogging.


                         ~ Life is Good



Jason, excellent post.

Posted by Roy A. Peterson, P.R.E.I. (Domicile Analysis of Texas) almost 11 years ago

Jason.. I agree, large rewards require some risk... but sometimes people don't have a dime to risk...  and there are ways to look at this... save every penny to risk later... but easier said than done in today's market. Overall, you make some great points. I am going to try out Pat Kitano's webinar tomorrow.... but my main focus has been and will be blogging. The other social media outlets?  I will join and use for blogging... but I see to many just chatting on there ...telling people that they are going to the store, going to take a shower... etc..etc... I really don't care about that... and some say don't just post to share blogs.. but you know what, the other crap turns me off.. I just think it's matter of opinion on what to do and what not to do... hence why I am looking forward to Pat's webinar...

jeff belonger

Posted by Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans ( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc) almost 11 years ago

Jeff - I can understand your opinion, because I felt the same way, until I started getting leads from the other sites while chatting there.  I am also checking out the webinar tomorrow!

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) almost 11 years ago

If you happen across this post as a new member of ActiveRain, or if you find it via a search on Google or another search engine, and you are not currently involved in social media marketing, or if you're not quite sure what that term means, NOW is the time to learn. 

Hi Jason,

I'm trying.  However, sometimes I feel like I'm just a speed bump on the information highway!  :)

Posted by Not Yet Licensed almost 11 years ago

Jason ~ Maybe THIS post is what I'm looking for (you'll have to read my comment on your other most recent post).  It was the "revolution" I saw happening that got me inspired initially...maybe I just lost focus.

Posted by Joddie Roberts, Your Spokane Realtor - Spokane, WA (Mountain Real Estate and Property Management) almost 11 years ago

Ah Bruce, you arent a speed bump.  we are here to help you out!

Posted by Jeremy Blanton, Myrtle Beach REALTOR®- (Myrtle Beach Homes Blog) almost 11 years ago

You know, I keep hearing about this blogging thing, but I just don't know.  I still think my Wednesday morning roundtable and MLS books are the way to go. 

Posted by Jesse & Kathy Clifton, Retired (Jesse Clifton & Associates, REALTORS®) almost 11 years ago

I'll never forget the first time I learned of Austin, Texas. I KNEW that it was HUGE! I'm not the most techie person in the world...but the concept made a ton of sense to me. I dove in head-first...and I'm so glad I did. It did seem overwhelming at first...until I found MY VOICE. I could not do it someone else's way...I had to do it MY WAY. GREAT STUFF, bro. GBU~

Posted by Elizabeth Nieves, Bilingual Raleigh - Durham North Carolina Real Estate Team (The Elizabeth Nieves Realty Group) almost 11 years ago

"... before everyone and their dog does." You do know about the Dogbook app on Facebook, right? And of course, Sundance has his own page!

Posted by John Novak, Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace) almost 11 years ago


My friend you are so right about the fear factor and blogging.  I go thru it everytime I write a post but not as bad a the first time tho.  Thank you for the help and the encouragement.

Posted by Don Rogers, Realtor, Broker, CDPE, GRI, OnullFallon MO & St Charles County MO homes (Keller Williams Realty Chesterfield) almost 11 years ago


For me it's all about taking some risks and being as patience. Sometimes it's hard for me to be patient only because I want it all now! I think that if you think about it before acting you'll see the rewards.....I've been thinking about other business ventures and I've done the investment property thing by having my own company and we did very well...right now we are sitting waiting. I have a pretty good sense of risk in business and I'm just trying to keep a little of everything attached to my business. A little blogging..a little old fashion RE and a little fun...after almost 13 yrs in this business I'vee senn three markets and thankfully survived them can't get any worse.

Posted by Neal Bloom, Realtor CRS-Weston FL Real Estate (Brokered by eXp Realty LLC) almost 11 years ago

Jason, great points you have made.. but SHSSSSSSSSSSS... quit telling them, LOL... seriously though, I have tried to tell agents about BLOGGING, social networking and other FREE online methods, most just don't get it.  I would point out your post to several but I can't even get them to sign up for FREE.?  go figure.  

I think its wonderful you have folks calling and wanting help learning... am I grandfathered in?  ;)

Posted by South Austin Real Estate Blog (Sky Realty South Austin) almost 11 years ago

Gail: You can tell people all you want about blogging and the like. Some people in my blogging coaching class listened so far as the first three sessions, set up a blog and posted once or twice. They didn't get instant gratification and gave up.


Some people just aren't interested, or prepared to work hard enough at it to see any results.

Posted by Garreth Wilcock, Homes at Mueller (Sherlock Homes Austin) almost 11 years ago

The change in marketing with the various social media tools is amazing.  I'm in a revamp mode with my website and outside blog as in the last 18 months not only the tools but the design possibilities have changed.  We all have to find what we are comfortable with and then work it to the best of our abilities.

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I wrote a post related to this one.  Read it if you have a moment:

You are asked to tell your secret to success... DO YOU??

The comments are quite interesting.

Posted by Marlene Pellegrini almost 11 years ago

Jason, I started blogging earlier this year and thought the same thing as you, how is this going to help, or change my life?  It has brought me more business this year and besides that I enjoy writing my posts and the relationships I have developed here at AR very important to me as well.

Posted by Audrey June-Forshey, GRI, Gaithersburg, MD (RE/MAX Realty Services) almost 11 years ago

Jason not too shabby that blogging could also lead to a 2nd lucrative business. You would be a dam good teacher.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 11 years ago

Crouch - As luck (or insight) would have it, I feel I got in on the ground floor with a lot of this... especially AR.  It doesn't come as a shocker that someone would be willing to pay you to teach them to blog.  Personally, I think it would be worth their dime and you'd make a very good and patient teacher.

Posted by Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life (Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina) almost 11 years ago

Jason - Thank you for the encouraging post!  I didn't realize that so few agents are blogging.  I think it's the wave of the future...  :)

Posted by Debi Ernst, GRI, e-PRO, Broker/Sales Associate (St. Charles County, Missouri - Prudential Alliance Realtors) almost 11 years ago

This is encouraging - I tend to see all the things I have yet to do - not all the things that I have done.  I am way ahead of everyone in my office but so far behind most people on ActiveRain - or so it seems.  It is my personal journey in many areas of my life to just relax and do what I can -  I just get so significant about trying to get it perfect.

Posted by Cathy Tishhouse, Royal Oak Real Estate (RE/MAX Showcase Homes) almost 11 years ago comment I posted last night on here isnt on here...Grrr!  LOL!

In short....This is just an awesome post.  I flagged it for a feature...

Posted by Clint Miller (Real Estate Pipeline, Inc.) almost 11 years ago

You are right on the money!  My friends tease me about how much time I spend posting blogs and commenting but they have no clue what will come as a result. 

Posted by Melody Botting, You Deserve The Best (Broker Associate PenFed Realty) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason, your words are so true - blogging is scary but it does become less scary the more you do it.  I also agree that if you don't get on board with blogging you will certainly be left behind.  Thanks for the recommendation on Seth's book too - will check it out and how nice of you to offer blogging and marketing - I might have to sign up for that class as I always consider you one of my favorite on line experts and there's always room for learning! :) ~ Anne Marie

Posted by Anne Marie Malf, Real Estate Marketing Consultant/Virtual Asst, Bucks County,PA (Malfi Marketing Solutions ~ for real estate professionals) almost 11 years ago

Thank you for your post!  I am new to active rain and I have never blogged before, but I'm ready to get my feet wet!  I agree it is the wave of the future, not just for Realtors but for all real estate investors.

Posted by Rose Harris (Real Estate Investing Online) almost 11 years ago

You made some good points.  I just starting blogging in June of this year and already way behind.  Im learning, but not at the pace I would like to.

Posted by John Cannata, Texas Home Mortgage - Purchase or Refinance (214-728-0449 almost 11 years ago

I agree with you totally....I was really afraid to get started here on Active Rain and had a really hard time with writing...still do sometimes.  It can be hard to make a post sound interesting to the public and not dry and bland....but its something that comes with time and with "just doing it"....hopefully it will pay off for us and we will be far ahead of the others...

Another agent made a comment recently that all these people doing blogging and social networking must not be doing any business since they have so much time to be on the computer...they must not be out "working" the business....

I think that is not an unusual comment for someone to make that has not started yet...

Posted by Sonja Adams (Samson Proprties) almost 11 years ago

This reminds me of what my 29 yr. old son told me recently about texting. He said "you need to get used to it as that is all my age group responds to if you need someting quickly!"

Posted by Denise Williams (Benchmark Realty) almost 11 years ago

Jason - If I had no idea who you were and didn't already think you were a great writer and spokesman for blogging and social media...I certainly would now.  Of course, you already know that I value your opinions and thoughts.  Well said and I'm sitting here shaking my head.  If I had joined this office and never spoken to you, Lani, or any of the bazillion people she's introduced me to, I feel I might have missed the boat.  Even though I grew up with web-geek tendencies, I may have still thought there was only a few old ways to go about things.  Luckily, I was taught well by many in and am still learning every second.  Thanks for being a leader in the growth.  There are several of you that are pushing hard and I'm right beside you to push as well.

Posted by Matt Stigliano (Kimberly Howell Properties (210) 646-HOME) almost 11 years ago

I have some $1000. an acre land out in my area and now you have given me the secret number from the future to get it sold. LOL

Posted by Sabrina Kelley, Woodland Park Colorado Mountain Homes and Land (ERA Herman Group Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

clap clap.. Another stellar blog by you Jason. I agree we are in a great shift of marketing and there will be a vast majority that just wont get it.

Posted by Heather the Realtor Orlando, Lake Mary, First Time Home Buyers, Bank Owned Homes (LemonTree Realty) almost 11 years ago

The streets are littered with just missed opportunities and the shoulda, wouolda, coulda's of the world. My great grandfather was asked by the founders of coca cola to invest in the silly soft drink idea. From the day they wnet public, he drank Pepsi.

The story of this current movement is undeniable. Either jump on our be left nehind

Tweet, tweet, Twitter away


Posted by Bo Hussung (Bell Title /Triserv LLC) almost 11 years ago

I have had a personal blog forever and it was a way for me to keep in touch with my friends as we scattered around the continent for college and job opportunities.  I wish I had known about ActiveRain earlier. 

Posted by Jenn Neumann Deer, Surfside Beach Real Estate (RE/MAX Southern Shores) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason

With any success there is an element of risk those who take it succeed.

Good luck and success

Lou Ludwig  

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) almost 11 years ago

Congrats on the well deserved gold star!

Posted by Jeremy Blanton, Myrtle Beach REALTOR®- (Myrtle Beach Homes Blog) almost 11 years ago

After Blooging, what's next. It took awhile to get it but now I like the way things are turning out.


Charlotte NC

Posted by Rich Ferretti, ABR QSC Realtor/Broker, Charlotte NC Real Estate a (Rich Ferretti Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

Jeff before I got on Twitter, I agreed fully with your statement: "but you know what, the other crap turns me off".  Then I "got it".

Twitter is just like a party.  If you talk about nothing but your business, you'll turn off everyone you talk to, and come off no better than a sleazy salesperson (and that even goes for a lender/Realtor® sales convention!)  Talking about the little things that don't seem to be very productive is what builds trust and relationships.

Posted by Joel McDonald (Joel McDonald -- almost 11 years ago

I was in the title biz back in '01-'03 and instead of marketing myself like everyone else did , as in bringing donuts and desk calendars and trinkets and pens, I expalined to agents that I'd give them advice and help on how to get their site found by people who'd be potential prospects. How to link , where to link in order to get their site to 'bear fruit'. I had a background of online leads and web maretking before I got into the title biz.  It was a good idea, but before its time. Not trying to praise myself , but was before my time because very, very few agents 'got it'.  I was not 'preaching to the choir'. Agents now ignore the importance of the web at their own risk. IF you've been in the biz for 20 yrs and have plenty of personal referrals, you might not need it. If you are still 'climbing the hill' , you need to embrace web marketing . . . and you are an utter fool if you don't.


Posted by Peter Hebda almost 11 years ago

I think you are crazy not to blog because its just an investment of time and not money. Who doesnt have free time? I dont see any businesses in my area doing it either. I mean some dont even have any internet presence at all. Seems like a big mess to me not to even have a website. If you have a product or service then you should be blogging and have a website.

Posted by Shane OnullGorman, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell (Eau Claire Realty, Inc.) almost 11 years ago

The facts don't lie.  The average homebuyer is 31 years old (2007) and the average Realtor is 53.  The generation gap between service provider and the customer widens with the inability to communicate and connect.  It is a new industry with exceptional opportunities.  Social networking and Internet marketing is the path that will allow the transition to a younger generation of agents.   

Posted by Fred Doleac, Real Estate in a Virtual World (Fred Doleac - Bean Group) almost 11 years ago

This is so true.  Too bad I didn't figure it out earlier.  I now refuse to be in that huge percentile that just  don't "get it".  I was one of those agents that semi set up my profile last year and never came back.  So 2 months ago I made the decision to come back and give it a try because I just hear sooo many people talking about A/R.  Guess what I saw the first time I logged in when I came back...3 contacts from prospects asking about info on some of my properties.  They were from so long ago I was ashamed to contact them back.  That's pretty sad!!!  So I am a believer.  Haven't written my first blog post yet but I'm workin on it. 

Thanks for the encouragement.

Posted by Karen Poss, Realtor - 256-366-6292 - Search Florence Al Homes For Sale (Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Properties, Florence Alabama) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason:

What a great post. I just began my blogging life 2 months ago. I cannot believe what I have been missing. Yes I am fumbling to gain some ground and am confident that I will have posts steaming with comments!  You hit the nail on the head. I was just on a marketing webinar where my coach made a great comment when referring to direct mail in today's market. He said "It is like sending an album to an IPOD generation". Thanks again Jason - Keep em coming!

Posted by Gwenn Tanvas NMLS# 274839, The Mortgage Gal, 920.267.7891~ SMART - INNOVATIVE (AMEC Home Loans | NMLS# 150953) almost 11 years ago

Jason--I have been doing this blogging thing for just under two years and am learning more and more with about it everyday. I don't claim to be an expert but I think I have just convinced my hairstylist to start her own blog for her business. She just started a business and is on a limited budget, blogging gets the word out. She is more fortunate than I as she has several 20 something employees who have embraced Facebook and MySpace and are going to help her to get it going. Five years from now it won't be just Realtors left behind. Blogging and Social 2.0 will change advertising. Congrats on the feature. And...I didn't read through all the comments but if you want to send that book my way, I would really appreciate it! :)

Posted by Teri Eckholm, REALTOR Serving Mpls/St Paul North & East Metro (Boardman Realty) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I have been telling my friends and co-workers that this "down time" for me is a blessing because I have the time to learn this. I would never have taken the time out of my day/or away from family to spend on the internet. I turned 51 this year and plan to sell Real Estate for at least 15 more years. For me to do that I REALLY NEED to understand this and be doing it. I struggled at first but now I can't learn it fast enough.

What I need now is to hire a teacher/coach to help me over the final hump of understanding RSS, Tag vs Keywords, and linking everything together. Great post. So on target!




Posted by Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors) almost 11 years ago

Great stuff as usual - makes me feel good that I'm "in the know".  I've found recently that the blogging phenom relates to really everything out there.  Real estate is just a small portion that we know since it is our business.  Others to use social networking; Schools, businesses, families, you name it - its a thing to explode even more, and along iwth it the amazing possibilities to change the face of all we know. 

Posted by Stephen Kappre, Helping You Home (KW Hometown) almost 11 years ago

Jason, You are so right! I am astounded by the number of agents who just don't see the value in on line marketing and social networking. I've been tasked with designing a class for my state WCR chapter as I am unfortunately the closest thing they have to an expert. I figure I know just enough to open the door and get them started. But that's a start! I may have to call and pick your brain in the interim!

Posted by Cat Zwicker, CRS, Down to Earth Service; Out of this World Results! (Desert Sky Real Estate, LLC) almost 11 years ago

Wonderful, Jason!  Those of us who "get it" will not be left behind, but will be at the forefront.  I've been trying to explain blogging to some of the other agents in my office, but their eyes just glaze over - "I don't understand all that internet stuff".  All I can think is, good luck to you in the future, because unless you have a huge sphere of influence that is internet illiterate, you're not going to have any business to speak of in a relatively short period of time. 

Posted by Lisa Heindel, New Orleans Real Estate Broker (Crescent City Living LLC) almost 11 years ago

Love the ending. While most things online are currently free, this is changing so take advantage of it while you can. Great article Jason!!

Posted by Everard Korthals, Mountain Realty (---Preferred Lifestyle Advisors---) almost 11 years ago

On one hand blogging has gone way over board in many realms, but in the Real Estate realm of business blogging is an amazingly useful tool.  It does take a lot of work and it does take a person openning up a bit.  You need to be pretty personal and show some personality or I think blogging is pointless.  If you let people know you and therefore trust you and your knowledge you will have great success with blogging.

Thanks for the post Jason you are spot on.  (I knew you knew what you were talking about just by your first name)

Posted by Jason Carpentier ( almost 11 years ago

Jason , very inspiring stuff, and Seth is a true Guru. When you talk about telling your children about blogging, It happened the other way around. My teenage knows more about the social net works then I do. But I wouldn't be deterred from trying what so many feel works. 

Posted by Steve Loynd, 800-926-5653, White Mountains NH ( Alpine Lakes Real Estate Inc., ) almost 11 years ago

Jason - it's so true that blogging is an investment of time. I love your conclusion: "you don't want to be the one to tell your kids that you didn't think blogging would work, do you?"

My next step is to learn more about the social networking sites.

Posted by Sharon Simms, St. Petersburg FL - CRS CIPS CLHMS RSPS (Coastal Properties Group International - Christie's International) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I am on the bandwagon but the music isn't playing... yet.  I have high hopes this will payoff in the longrun and that's what keeps me coming back.

Posted by Leslie Stewart, Realtor, ABR, CRS, Oregon Licensed Broker (Oregon Licensed Broker with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Professionals) almost 11 years ago

Jason, you are awesome!!!  You inpire me!!!  I will try to write one blog a week and try to get comfortable with it.

Posted by Karen Inch almost 11 years ago

Very Very Interesting indeed. I am sure we all have missed opportunity after opportunity. I could right a book on the subject. But I have made a few and that's what it all about. But I agree we all will communicate by computers, in fact we probably can just sleep all day and let them communticate without us.

Posted by Charles Stallions, 800-309-3414 - Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze, Fl. (Charles Stallions Real Estate Services ) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I understand the logic. Too, it is amazing how technology keeps pushing us forward. I never enjoyed writing in school and view it as a challenge even today.

Posted by Eric McGowan almost 11 years ago

You make so many great points here and I am glad to see you back full force with your posts!

Posted by Russell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI (Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate) almost 11 years ago


Just started working on a Facebook site, so much to do so little time... Great Post

Posted by Jane Wallace, CRS | SRES, Denver Real Estate (HomeSmart Cherry Creek) almost 11 years ago


Great post as always.  I was reading an article on how Obama used social media to its fullest extent.  He was able to reach a wider audience because of his efforts.  Those who do not embrace this medium will be left behind.

Posted by Harold Watts, Palm Springs Real Estate Blog (Teles Properties) almost 11 years ago

Jason- I wish clients of mine who haven't quite yet jumped on blogging and social media yet could wrap their heads around the way marketing is being done successfully by you and so many of our AR's truly is the way to go. This is a great primer blog...I might link to it and have others read it over!

Posted by Laura Monroe, Dir. of Industry Engagement & Social Media (Inman News ) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I'm still trying to break out of my shell and let the bloggs flow freely... Thanks for the encouragement with this post!

Posted by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

Jason, the post above was from me! I had forgotten to sign in previously...

Posted by Kurt Duffeck, Anew Real Estate Crew - Start Right. Start ANEW. (ANEW Real Estate Crew at Keller Williams Realty) almost 11 years ago

Jason, thanks I feel like i'm a dollar short and a day late for most things.  I am still new but will continue with this as its fun and I'm building relationships.  I might be your second client.  Brady

Posted by Brady Howard, Managing Broker, The Cascade Team Gig Harbor (The Cascade Team Gig Harbor) almost 11 years ago

No Risk = No Gain. When I heard about Blogging I thought it might be a waste of time but it is starting to pay off. Good points made Jason.

Posted by Cameron Wilson, The Short Guy - Murrieta,Temecula,Menifee Californ (Labrum Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

Amen, brother! I am inspired to sink and and do more with my own blog now. I like to think our team is way out in front as far as marketing both my brand and our listings, but I know there are a few places I, myself, can just do better. Like everything, I need to work it into my daily schedule and get both feet on board.

Posted by Ed Kaminsky, Ed Kaminsky (Kaminsky Real Estate Group/Shorewood Realtors) almost 11 years ago


Thanks for all the info, any advice on how to maximize blogging in your local area. I am new to the whole thing too and would like to ensure I can reach out to people in my area.

Thanks again,


Posted by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

Jason -

I think you are right - the web is the way to go and i don't want my kid saying to me coulda,woulda, shoulda. They are so tech savvy today.

Posted by Kathy Knight, BROKER, ABR, CRS, GRI, SFR, SRES (Intracoastal Realty Corp) almost 11 years ago

This is such a great post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it very insightful. Conisder me part of your tribe! :)

Posted by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

This is such a great post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it very insightful. Conisder me part of your tribe! :)

Posted by Ubong Attah (Attah Realty Group - Ready Real Estate, Dallas) almost 11 years ago

It is funny to see you write 1998 as 'a long time ago'.  While I have not been in the market very long, I knew immediately that the online network was an untapped resource by many.  If you take averages - our great city of over 600 Realtors - we have less than five of us that are active bloggers.  Thus I think that 5% is a bit high in the estimate. 

I have tried to get other Realtors in the area to join but alas they do not see it as relevant.

Posted by Tim and Pam Cash, Real Estate Professionals - Clarksville TN (Crye-Leike (Sango)) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason...So many of us would not be doing this if it took way too much time with no rewards.  You and I, as well as many, many other members, know the rewards far outweigh the time and effort it takes.

It is fun too...that's one of the best rewards.


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) almost 11 years ago

Jason-excellent post and I tend to agree...the opportunity is lurking..if you take those steps!  The successes on the take opportunities when they present themselves.

Posted by Midori Miller, Online Marketing For Real Estate Professionals (Talk 2 Midori, LLC) almost 11 years ago

Thanks Jason, for confirming that I am doing the right thing by being here and blogging.

Posted by Brien Berard, Maryland Real Estate Agents - Laurel Real Estate (Remax Professionals Laurel MD) almost 11 years ago

I have been looking for a quote to stencil on my the wall of my office and I think I have found it

"really big rewards require some measure of risk"

Great Post.  Thanks, very inspiring.

Posted by Gina Bombin (McColly Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

HOLY MOLY Jason!  This post obviously hit some nerves here tonight!  You are SO right and my boys do make comments about how Mom spends more time blogging and online than THEY do!  It's a sign of the times...which are EVERCHANGING!

Congrats on that little gold star!

Debe in Charlotte 

Posted by Debe Maxwell, CRS, Charlotte Homes for Sale - Charlotte Neighborhoods ( | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | (704) 491-3310) almost 11 years ago

Hi Jason:

Great thoughts.  I couldn't agree with you more.  Our real estate investment company has thoroughly embraced the online social media scene.  I owe a lot to Active Rain because the potential power never sunk in until I started playing in this playground.

The fear of failure keeps many on the sidelines.  You never like to fail but I'm okay with it as I get older because every failure provides an unbelievable opportunity to learn.

Thank you again!

Posted by Roger Billeci (Real Estate Investments - almost 11 years ago

I think you for all your informative blogs you post.  Your face is a real regular on AR and a real asset.  I think I am starting to get it.  I am also a Realtor in Texas but new to the business (just hit two years).  I came across AR searching for help on a topic.  Only about 5 agents in my area are a members.  I have found your information a great benefit and I wanted to let you know that.  Though above the curve now on technology & social networking online in my area I see the asset of staying ahead of the game because of people like you.  Keep it up. 

Posted by Donna Edwards (Donna Edwards Realty) almost 11 years ago

How did you put a widget on under your picture?

Here's a funny/stupid investment mistake I made growing up: Collecting baseball and football cards I thought it was important to have the full set and I didn't know the individual cards were more important than having a full set. I traded a lot of duplicates of O.J. Simpson and other important players to get a full set. I think I gave away/traded 5 or 6 O.J. Simpson cards to a friend because his name was O.J. and he was a fan. Not knowing the rules of the game can make a big difference down the road....

I would love to ad a listing widget under my picture. I have the code already, just don't know where to put it....

Posted by John Cobb, REALTOR - Warner Robins Georgia Homes for Sale, Subdivisions, Foreclosures, Real Estate, New Homes (Fickling & Company) almost 11 years ago

I am a newbie to the internet, but am an internet pioneer in my area.  They haven't caught on yet, or are unwilling to spend the time to learn.

Everything I know and use, I learned on Active Rain from people like you, Jason, who share their knowledge and ideas.

Thanks for the headstart on my competitors.  I need it.  They are younger and smarter.

Posted by Virginia Hepp - Mesquite NV REALTOR, Mesquite NV Homes and Neighborhoods - Search MLS (Desert Gold Realty - Mesquite NV Homes For Sale) almost 11 years ago, fun, fun........and learn, learn, learn.   And no, I do not have a T-Bird.

Great lesson!


Posted by Joan Chouiniere (Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MetroBrokers) almost 11 years ago

Jason<<<SMILE>>> you know my feelings about social networking.  As far as fear and leaping in, this Tuesday, I set aside all fears and took a big leap, what others would perceive as risk.  Single mom, 3 kids, no real cushion, just knowledge and a hope to help others and help myself at the same time with honesty and integrity.

All the while, even with all the risks all I could think was....and if I don't do it, what kind of real message do I send to my children and myself.  So here I am and I have jumped in.

Life is not about a safety net.  Change is the only constant.  Evolution is something you chose to be a part of, or chose to eschew.

'nuff said.

Posted by Rebecca Levinson, Real Estate Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant (Real Skillz-Clear Marketing for Your Real Estate Vision) almost 11 years ago


Congrats on getting your blog featured. It is well deserved. I really enjoyed your thoughts. You are dead on in what you said. I wrote an article for the Tennessee Association of REALTORS about Web 2.0 and it reflected what you are sharing here. I hope that all of the people in our field will heed your advice and get serious about Social Networking. The future is truly now.

Missing your "TWEETS" tonight on Twitter.

Posted by Ron Jenkins, Retired Broker almost 11 years ago

I have made some nice associations but I can't say that I've garnered any business from blogging.

Posted by Gayle Balaban, E. TN Waterfront Real Estate (The Best Spot Realty/Waterfront Real Estate/Ooltewah Real E) almost 11 years ago

Jason ~ I had my husband read your blog, that way he can stop telling me that I'm wasting my time with this blogging "thing" and realize that even if I don't get any leads right now, this is most likely the way of the real estate future and I'm building something here!! THANK YOU!! ~A:)

Posted by Alisha Harrison, Allyn, Belfair and Hood Canal real estate expert! (John L. Scott, Belfair) almost 11 years ago


I agree.  I am working on getting up to speed on this stuff.

Posted by Brenda Harmon (Century 21 Beal, Inc College Station, Texas) almost 11 years ago

SSSHHH!!!!!  Don't tell anybody that blogging works.  There will be more leads for us

Posted by Russ Ravary ~ Metro Detroit Realtor call (248) 310-6239, Michigan homes for sale ~ (Real Estate One) almost 11 years ago

I've said before that 'you can lead an agent to the web, but you can't make them blog' ... but that's not necessarily a statement about competitive advantage. Plenty of agents in the Las Vegas valley have no online presence (or maybe just a basic website with no blog) and consistently do well.

Bloggers tend to be very passionate about the online world and social media (and I'm one of them), but it's also important to recognize that the Internet is only one source of business. Whether it's prospecting, SOI, past clients, door knocking, online or other means, any of these methods used consistently can produce success in real estate.

Posted by John Novak, Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace) almost 11 years ago

Jason -- I think it is interesting how few people do get it!  However, like you, we had a website way back when -- it was great because very few realtors in our area had a website and we got lots and lots of leads!  I think blogging will do the same thing -- as well as social networking -- It will be interesting, but I think social networking should be a part of everyone's business plan.

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) almost 11 years ago

Spot on - my grandfather was the only one who didn't invest in the family paper company.  He stayed with another paper company until he retired.  Missed a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Posted by Ryan Shaughnessy, Broker/Attorney - Your Lafayette Square Real Estate Partner (PREA Signature Realty - almost 11 years ago

Great post, Jason!  I am not one of the more savvy bloggers or users of social media...but am getting involved pretty heavily here.  It is truly amazing how many people I run across every day who think it is a complete waste of time...guess they'll find out what really happened to the dinosaurs pretty soon, huh?

Posted by Kent Simpson, Real Estate Is About People (Realty One Group Mountain Desert) almost 11 years ago

Fantastic post, as always!  For those of us who aren't born with a pen in hand (or a keyboard!), writing my blog posts doesn't always come naturally, but after 8 months of dedicated blogging, I am finally starting to get the hang of it.  In another five years, I'll be a whiz ...and this wonderful group of Active Rainers will be miles and miles ahead of the other agents who just added the word "blog" to their vocabulary!

Posted by Kerry Lucasse, Your Urban Nest Atlanta Real Estate Consultant (eXp Realty - Urban Nest Real Estate Group) almost 11 years ago


WOW!  Great photos and a wonderful article about something most people will not take time for.  I have heard a few stories like the ones you shared and now those people who tell them are kicking themselves for not acting.  Money is not everything but .....  it is necessary.

Thanks for the great post,


Posted by Ann Hayden, (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties-St. Louis Missouri) almost 11 years ago

Three months ago I thought that Myspace, Facebook, and other networking sites was everyone from High School being dramatic.  Well now I have all, and others that are more specific for work like AR.  I have helped my business in three months tremondously, at least in my opinion.  I am no pro by any means, but will continue to learn.  Great post, I enjoy this site way too much!



Posted by Jason Fleming (Jason Fleming Agency INC) almost 11 years ago

You are right. I already regret not getting into the game years ago. Can't imagine how I would feel years from now if i didn't get involved.

Posted by Brandon Weber (Weber Property Group) almost 11 years ago

Jason... This is pretty cool. Very interesting as well. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Roland Woodworth, Q Realty - Power In Real Estate (Q Realty) almost 11 years ago

Jason...Thanks for sharing this...I am still a newbie, but I am getting there.


Posted by Dona Reynolds, St. Joseph MO (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Stein Summers) almost 11 years ago

Jason- You really were ahead of the curve, at the time you decided to beuild your own web site.  You mentioned that many people don't do things because they have a fear of failure. I have to admit, that really is my biggest fear. But for some reason, it has no impact on my online ventures. When it comes to the internet, I just jump in. The only times I pass on something online are when I'm just not interested, or can't keep up with anymore O.o 

But I wanted to mention that fear should never be a reason to not do something. I told my mother one time, that anytime I identified my reason for not wanting to do something, as being a result of fear, that I force myself to do it. She just couldn't understand that concept. So for me, fear can be a motivator. If I'm afraid, then I'm going to do the very thing I fear (within reason). But isn't it ironic how most people actually WANT to see others fail? That's what feeds the gossip grapevine. We have too many shallow, petty, petrified people in this world.

Posted by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Real Estate (Florida Property Experts) almost 11 years ago


I know the feeling.  I am trying to retrain my thinking.  I spent over 6 months last year trying to convince my prime investors that a tract of land was Grossly under priced (for some reason).  Someone should jump on it.  The day that one finally called and said, send me the info, I want to pursue that tract of land.  I went back to find it.  Not there.  I was looking in price range.  Went back under address - Previous price was 20 acres in a prime location for $249,900.  The land was now listed by a different agency for $989,900.

Moral to the story is WHY did I not buy the land myself.  I knew it was valuable.  We (I) get so tunnel vision on assisting other acquire their fortunes.  Why did I not think to feather my own nest.  Never occurred to me until it was too late.  Too busy.  That will not happen again.  BIG LESSON, 

Posted by Derenda Grubb, GRI, ABR, CRS (CENTURY 21 Mike D. Bono & Co.'s) almost 11 years ago

Jason, this is a great post. We will get a copy of Seth's book right away. Congrats on the gold star.

Posted by Patty Carroll almost 11 years ago

Great post and truly true.  I'm soaking everything up and learning as I go - probably making a few mistakes but everone has been so great to me here -- and other social sites too --that I think they must be minor and of no consequence. I find myself wanting to meet more and more people as I get to know them through their posts.  Working on making my web site better so that it will be a source of leads for me -- in addition to SOI.  All that to say - I agree, and want to be around!

Posted by Alexsandra Stewart, Broker - Portland Oregon Real Estate (Remax equity group) almost 11 years ago

I think I can - I think I can - I think I can!  And now you sayI CAN!  Seriously though how true your words are...  I remember when I started in the business in 2000 I hurriedly set up my contact database program.  I spent a lot of time setting that up - and my BICs response?  STOP PLAYING ON THE COMPUTER - you won't sell real estate that way...  Blogging - well I struggle with it but Jason you do give us good advise on AR and I'm learning a lot.  Thanks for all you do.

Your Raleigh Realtors

Posted by Lee & Pamela St. Peter, Making Connections to Success in Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices YSU Realty: (919) 645-2522) almost 11 years ago

Jason - your post above reminded me of seeing former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura on Cpan a couple of weeks ago promoting his new book, "Don't start the revolution without me!".

Great story about Michael Dell & your Grandfather..thanks!

Posted by Bobby Wallace, Sell Your Vacant Land The Hassle Free Way! (Vacant Land Solutions) almost 11 years ago

Jason someone said that the biggest risk that you don't take are sometimes the biggest risk to take. Who knew Michael Dell would become billionaire with his Dell computer that he started in his college dorm. And as far as someone paying you to help them blog-Why am I not surprised. I will pay you to teach me how to blog. I am still learning. But the longer I am a member of Active Rain,the better I am going to become. Congratulations on another well deserved featured post. Thanks for always sharing with us Jason. Have a great weekend. Great post.

Posted by Lanre-"THE REAL ESTATE FARMER" Folayan, I don't make promises.I deliver results.SOLD HOMES (Keller Williams Select Realtors-Buy a home in Washington DC. Sell a home in Washington DC) almost 11 years ago

Great post sounds like you've been ahead of the curve with online marketing & I think you're correct in this analysis as well.

Best, Dan 

Posted by Dan Magstadt (Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc) almost 11 years ago

I've gotten several leads from blogging and social networking this year, and the trend will only continue to shift in this direction. People are certainly researching all of us via these channels as well, which is important to consider.

Posted by Tom Thornton, Broker Associate, MBA, ABR, CRS, GREEN, GRI, SRES (Realty Austin) almost 11 years ago

I'm so inspired!  Thank you.

Posted by Tamara Inzunza, Close-In Alexandria and Arlington Living (RE/MAX Executives) almost 11 years ago

Jason this is an incredbile post.  You really inspired me.  I get the fear of failure thing--I was the same way with blogging just a few months ago.  And how stupid was it of me!!  I KNEW better!  I built a website 5 years ago that brought me a ton of business.  When you googled our company name--my name came up-and there were 350 realtors in our company at that time.  But it took and incredible amount of time to learn that.  I was so sure this blogging thing would be just as hard.  I have to tell you all --IT AIN'T !!!  I know ain't ain't a word but I am using it show my point!  It is ten times easier.  I still have a lot to learn but you what, I am on a roll now!!!!  Thank you Jason for this post!

Posted by Tami Vroma, Realtor, Grand Rapids MI Real Estate (West Michigan Real Estate Specialist-Five Star Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

I myself have been an internet junkie since I started writing raw code way back in 1995 (scary)!  So whenever something new comes along, I'm game to give it a try!

We work the whole social networking thing, but I know most agents don't see too much benefit other than just "being out there".  I do understand a busy agent's reluctance to jump on takes a GREAT DEAL of time to do correctly and if you're not naturally a writer and if you don't have a certain level of comfort with a computer it's very daunting.

However, you gotta jump in there and at least try.  I tried to get some friends to get going on a lot of technology years ago and they were afraid or "too busy".  I was wasting my time to them...well, they've changed their minds.  At least it isn't too late.  YET.

Listen to Jason - get going NOW.  Because by the time everyone is Blogging and Social Networking - doing the Media thing, you'll be "old news"!

Posted by Dana - Austin Homes & Real Estate almost 11 years ago

I amazed at home many people ask me why I blog so much... Simple answer...It helps pay my mortgage. Every blog I post is another chance for me to find a client, I then ask them why they drive people around to homes. They tell me so they will buy one, I tell them, then this is what you do to get that client in your car.

They just don't appear in the front seat when you walk out each morning, you have to go out and get them!

Todd Clark, Helping Families Home -

Posted by Respect Realty LLC, Brokers - Oregon / SW Washington Real Estate (Respect Realty LLC) almost 11 years ago

You are totally correct about how people look at you when you tell them you blog! Which guy on the left is the alien?  LOL, I also remember back around 2000 when I set up the office website for my company. My broker DEMANDED THAT WE NOT DO IT.  We went ahead inspite of his objections and here we are today, all safe & sound and the world did not end as we know it.  People are still frightened over the internet, blogging and everything else they don't understand.  When I first signed up to AR in 2006, I wasn't sure what to do with it but I knew I liked the concept.  It really wasn't until about a year later that I started in as a regular.

Buyers just don't just appear in your front seat Todd?  Gosh!

Posted by Lyn Sims, Schaumburg IL Real Estate (RE/MAX Suburban) almost 11 years ago

It is all moving at a fast pace and those without an online presence will probably be left behind.  Jason you are awesome when it comes to the social media platform, I have no idea how keep up with it all!  I will have to read the book your recommended by Seth Godin, thanks!

Posted by Patricia Beck, Colorado Springs Realty (RE/MAX Properties, Inc., GRI, CDPE) almost 11 years ago

Jason: Thank you! I would hope that I'm learning to be ahead of or with the curve. Lord knows I've tried a ton of things and I think that's the key. Some have worked and some haven't but as Og Mandino stated "its better to get moving than stand still!" Have a great day!



Posted by Paul McFadden, Pest Control, Seattle, WA. (Paratex) almost 11 years ago

Thanks for this message. You are a gifted writer. I only wish I could express my thoughts as well.

Glad to be blogging - Rick

Posted by Rick Schmitt (Look Charlotte Media Solutions) almost 11 years ago

Wish I had invested in that $1000/acere years ago, would be a rich man today!

Posted by asd asdasd (asdasd) almost 11 years ago


I couldn't agree more.  Those 95+% who are not blogging and creating a significant online presence are going to be left in the dust.  I believe my continued effort to blog is the best thing I've done for my career all year.  I'm still new at AR so my efforts have yet to see much fruit. It will make a significant difference in time. 

Posted by Tiffany White, Franklin TN Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty - Franklin TN) almost 11 years ago

Uh, I didn't read the 100 some-odd comments before mine.  As far as I know, I am the only one who is blogging in my office of over 60 agents.  Several have static websites separate from the company-provided one, but they don't do much with them.  So, I am hoping to be ahead of the crowd down the road.

Still trying to figure out how to incorporate facebook and twitter, though.

Posted by Heather Goodwin, GoodWin Team Realty (Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission) almost 11 years ago

I am here after all reading blogs and trying my best to write blogs and studying other blogs on how to set up i hope I get this all figured out by the time the market gets going again so I will have time to sell real estate!  Just kidding....I hear what you are saying and for an old Realtor set in my ways I am trying to keep up with this new revolution of online social media.  I am on FB, LI and AR.  To be honest I have no idea how one keeps up with so many different places to go and check status, mail, comments, etc.

But I am trying.


Posted by Debbie Hutchins almost 11 years ago

I am impressed by all of the responses to your post!  I agree with you that blogging is the way of the future!

Posted by Sharon Parisi, Dallas Homes (United Real Estate Dallas ) almost 11 years ago

How true it is.  I get a bit of a hard time for all the time I spend on the computer but I plan on being one of the agents left after the fallout.

Posted by Terri Visser, CRS - 12 Years Selling Central Oregon Real Estate (Desert Sky Real Estate, LLC) almost 11 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to post this ... excellent information

Posted by Debbie Salmon (keller williams) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I'd never heard that Michael Dell story. What a powerful example of knee-jerk reactions to new possibilities.

Posted by Colleen Fischesser Northwest Property Shop, A Tradition of Trust in the Pacific NW since 1990! (RE/MAX Advantage | Managing Broker) almost 11 years ago

Colleen - That story is something that happened to a local friend of mine, actually.  Thanks for stopping by!

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) almost 11 years ago

Jason, I love the way your content supports the message you're driving across. It is crucial that we build our knowledge-base presence through blogging.

Posted by Vickie Nagy, Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen (Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

Jason - excellent information as usual. The only one I'd be wary of is Twitter as it has been identified by the US army as a potential terrorist tool.

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) almost 11 years ago

You are so right .  I am glad I started blogging although it is time consuming and it seems I am already juggling so much between work and home.

Posted by Chastity Guevara (Camelot's Quest Realty) almost 11 years ago

Great post! I have been using social websits and bookmarking sites for a few years. I'm now seeing the benefits.

What is this newspaper advertising that you talked about? Should I do it? I have been using craigslist and a dozen other sites for quite a while. The traffic is great!




Posted by Chris Dowell, Dowell Family Team (ReeceNichols Olathe) almost 11 years ago

i'm revolving.  thanks for the inspiration and the wake up call.  day by day.  what did you do today? 

Posted by Crystal Acohido, Sr. VP, CMPS (Honolulu HomeLoans, Inc.) almost 11 years ago

Great article, Jason...thanks for the inspiration to get my fingers typing!

Posted by Jessica Cox, Dallas Home Staging (Perfectly Polished Home) almost 11 years ago

Great article, Jason...thanks for the inspiration to get my fingers typing!

Posted by Jessica Cox, Dallas Home Staging (Perfectly Polished Home) almost 11 years ago

Thanks for this article. Social blogging is one of the many new trends. 

I also see virtual offices replacing the brick-and-mortar offices, and more agents switching to companies with lower costs and streamlined operations.

Also I see more self-service; consumers being able to do substantial work for themselves before calling in an agent.

Regina P. Brown
Allison James Estates & Homes

Posted by Regina P. Brown, M.B.A., Broker, Instructor (MBA Broker Consultants) almost 11 years ago

Why thank you for your encouragement to noobies.

Posted by Dustin Nulf (Keller Williams Realty) almost 11 years ago

You are so right but technology and trends are changing so rapidly, it's difficult to keep up AND be a great Realtor and parent and... There are not enough hours in the day for me to dedicate to all of these popular websites. At the moment AR is it but I may take on one or two others...

Thanks for the great post.

Posted by Kelsey Barklow, 423/948-9154 (Hurd Realty) over 10 years ago

Thanks for putting it back out there. I had missed this one.  I think I am going to reblog it.  :) 

Posted by Naoma Doriguzzi, New Media Director (Virginia Beach) about 10 years ago

Naoma - Much appreciated!  I wanted to share it with someone via a DM on Twitter, then I decided that it should be heard by everyone again.  :)

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) about 10 years ago

Jason ...

Thanks for posting the link to this "old" blog of yours.

How very sharp of you to be in the right place, at the right time.  I'm a late bloomer, but now have 4 blogs, myself.

One of these days, I hope to write blog posts that people actually enjoy reading.

... Robin

Posted by Robin Taylor Roth about 10 years ago

Jason I was directed to this post by another blogger tonight that gave you a very nice endorsement.  I am new at this and am intimidated by all that I read.  I have some great ideas but they somehow don't seem to make it to print yet.  I'm working on it and hope that one day before I'm too old I'll get this thing.  

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) over 9 years ago

Jason - Its interesting to read this post from the perspective of 2010 when we have seen such a proliferation of participants in social media..  You have been an inspiration to many of us on Active Rain and I would guess to people in other parts of your life as well. 

Posted by Pam Dent, REALTOR® - Charlottesville Virginia Homes / Horse (Gayle Harvey Real Estate, Inc.) about 9 years ago

Hi Pam - Thanks for your kind remarks.  I'm happy to hear that I've inspired you!

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) about 9 years ago